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“Please be advised…

that A Perfect Circle and Tool are still alive and well”

Or so I read in an email from the Puscifer Mailing list:

Hello, APC fans.

As many of you may have heard, Billy and I are engaged in our own little projects for the moment.

His is called Ashes Divide and mine is called Puscifer.

Puscifer is perfect for those of you who suffer from ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Accessory Purchases, Vinyl fetishes, Turrets and/or An Irreverent Sense of Humor. You will need to bring one, severeal, or all of these disorders if you seek to embrace/understand Puscifer.

We’ve included a number of websites for you to browse so you can determine if this is in fact your flavor.

If not, no harm done (you can remove yourself at the bottom of this e-mail).

We’ll hopefully get along just fine without you, although we’d of course prefer to have you along to join us for the giggles.

Please be advised that A Perfect Circle and Tool are still alive and well.

This is simply MORE.

Because as you know, MORE IS BETTER. ALWAYS. God bless America.


M J Keenan

Personally I hope Tool is more alive than APC, though as long as it’s not another eMotive, I’d welcome a new APC album.

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16 years ago

This made my night. :]

16 years ago

Far King Cool!

16 years ago

Well about time he has said something on the issue… we can put away our saxitoxin pills…

16 years ago

If your bored check out my full acoustic schism cover with vocals. Flood is coming soon.

Leo Monzo
16 years ago

Finally something said to the point!!!

16 years ago

this goes along with what MJK posted- except this is from billy howerdel :”As for A Perfect Circle, Howerdel says that the group is not dead but will have to wait until he’s ready for a break from ASHES dIVIDE and Keenan has time away from Tool and Pucifer.” “We’ve talked about doing some stuff in the future,” Howerdel says. “I don’t know that it will take the same form we had before; we might just do a song or two. Right now my full focus is on ASHES dIVIDE.” the only new information i really got out of this… Read more »

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