Tool Revolver Issue

Lespaul462 from Toolarmy shared with us the cover of the coming issue of Revolver featuring Tool.  The magazine is out May 6th for those of you in the US.  Who knows when it will be released in Australia, but in my experiences Borders is usually a good place to go to get imported magazines.  Thanks to Nathan for the tip.Tool Revolver Issue

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2001 is calling, they want their album art back.


This could be what they call “jumping the shark”I hope not.Wild Artifacts from the Adam Jones Vault!! I mean come on half the fun was the mystery of TOOL and now never before seen pics and vault openings. Don’t get me wrong I myself will be picking up the copy and that’s because they’re my favorite band since ’91, what’s next Yo MTV Cribs. Some things are better left untouched in my opinion.


I really hope most of the their fans dont care about jumping the shark. Sure Tool doesnt tell us everything..but their magical mysterious phase is done. To tell you the truth, a Cribs episode wouldnt bother me…as long as they make music that I enjoy.


Picked it up this morning at Hot Topic. (Sunday May 4th) No information about what tool is working on. No mention of a new album or live DVD… Most of the interviews are reprinted from older magazines. I think the only news in this whole magazine I hadn’t heard before was that Paul didn’t leave on his own, “He was let go.” Here’s what’s in it: Album by Album – Each of them comment on the making of each album. Alex Grey – Talks about working with Tool. Behind the scenes look at the making of videos (very short) Then…… Read more »


Hey Kadoka, Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to use this over at TOOLARMY I will give you full credit Thank you Great post


Cool. Glad I could help.