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Maynard speaks to Live Daily

There’s anew interview with Maynard up on He talks mainly about Puscifer, and the possibility of a Puscifer tour next year, but does mention Tool and A Perfect Circle.

What is the status of Tool and A Perfect Circle.

I don’t know. We’re working on Puscifer right now.

How long are you going to be working on Puscifer?

to say. Those other projects are always in the works. There’s always
something going on. So nothing’s changed. Just as before, every time I
go out with Perfect Circle, people ask me what’s going on with Tool. I
go back to Tool, people ask me what’s going on with Perfect Circle.
They’re still alive.

Other than that, it’s not a particularly exciting interview.

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15 years ago

Interesting that he’s not slapping down the talk about APC like he used to whenever it comes up now. I wonder if he and Billy have been talking about what they want to do with it.

15 years ago

Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitar Songs:

100 “Vicarious”
Tool (2006)

This is as arty as new metal has ever gotten. Guitarist Adam Jones’ cadmium-heavy riffs are mostly in 5/4 time (with a few extra rhythmic hiccups), and he batters away at them with inhuman precision. Even though it runs long at seven minutes, the song still became a crossover hit, peaking at Number Two on modern-rock radio.

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