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Puscifer Email Update

A Puscifer email update went out overnight, and posts a message about the possibility of a Puscifer tour that we’re already familiar with:

As promised, we’ve been reading through the many emails that came in following our first newsletter and the top question was “Will Puscifer tour and when?”  Puscifer will tour SOMEDAY. However, our sense of the extravagant and our commitment to quality and a unique experience prevents us from just hopping in a van and regurgitating the cd. We’re hard at work formulating ideas that will include both music, performance, art and film.  Until we can adequately execute this complete interactive experience, it would be unfair for us to commit to any timeframe. But rest assured, as soon as WE know, YOU will know.

Should be interesting.  Unfortunately, I kinda expect that this tour would be a US only one.  If it ever happens of course.

The email also suggested that Puscifer questions may be directed to that address ( , and possibly answered in the future.

Edit: Actually, the most important part of the email was that Maynard will be on Mania TV tonight, starting at 6pm Eastern US time.  Here’s a preview.  Do you think Maynard only allows interviews with hot chicks?

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16 years ago

Here it is folks Im going to redo it with a better mic in the next few days so I dont have to strain my voice makin it sound weird like it does here on the high parts at least. Please hook me up with some ratings and comments. Next are
Jimmy acoustic
crawl away acoustic
4 degrees acoustic

16 years ago

Watch the interview of Maynard here (it’s a good one):

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