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Rolling Stone Top 100, Mastodon Live

A couple of quick ones today.  Blair has advised us via Toolband/Army that Vicarious took the 100th spot in Rolling Stones recent Top 100 Guitar Songs list.  Why Vicarious beat a whole shitload of other Tool songs is bound to be a source of debate.

Also, Blabbermouth are reporting that Fuse will be broadcasting Mastodon‘s set from Bonnaroo live on the web on Sunday evening US time (Monday morning for us).  They will also be showing the Metallica performance from the same festival for those that would like to see these ageing metal giants.  Hopefully Lars will bring a proper drumkit along rather than a set of paint tins.

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15 years ago

I say boo to all things $Metallica$. Sure their older music was great. But the band hates their fan. Check this link, and the link within the article:

Who is the master of puppets now??

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