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Tool Update

Blair made a post on Toolarmy over the weekend that I missed, where he briefly mentions a bit of an update on where Tool are at right now:

(in regards to Tool) I still haven’t heard of any new developments with regards to last
month’s meeting with the band members, their lawyers, and management. I
believe this to be good news. Ditto with regards to the other band
project in the works, although with this one it’s just a matter of time
and not a question as to whether or not they will agree to do it. I
apologize for being a bit nebulous but I am currently not at liberty to
disclose any more information pertaining to these matters and I don’t
want anyone to think that every new post on the site is “the big thing
we’re waiting for” as some believe (especially the May newsletter). The
“big things” will be obvious once posted.

That’s an interesting statement regarding the band meeting. Does this mean it;s good news because it hasn’t happened yet, or because it’s progressing quietly without problem? Most likely the latter I’d guess.

He also mention’s that a new release of his book IJYNX is for sale, and that he’s working on another few book projects including one with Danny.

Thanks to the Tool Hotline for pointing me in the right direction.

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