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Puscifer News

Received today via the Puscifer Mailing List:

News from the world of Puscifer…

New music is in the works, Maynard talking about where the collective is in the process:

“We’re starting to pull together some new pieces. Josh Eustis,  Lustmord, our visiting Irish Bass Player, Tanya  and I are indulging in some new ideas, old ideas, recipes, bad jokes, and the occasional 2 on 2 ball game. Not much to report quite yet, but soon.”

A behind the scenes clip from the making of the DoZo video:

Two of the latest items added to the Puscifer store (to see more click here):

* Pimp Puppy squeaky toy

* Striped Puscifer/Buzzsaw L.A. Tote Bag/Shoulder Purse. embroidered with a big white Puffy Puscifer.

Lastly, a new newsletter format including answers to your questions coming next issue along with a Puscifer widget.  If you have questions for anyone involved in Puscifer send to

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Available releases from Puscifer:

*  DoZo DVD – The continuing saga of Queen B

*  12″ vinyl  2 LP set. Double gate fold art on which to sort your shake. Contains 2 unreleased tracks.

* Remixes from Paul Barker, Danny Lohner, Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, Josh Eustis, Lustmord, Mat Mitchell, Richard Devine, Joey Jordison, Michael Patterson, Contradicktator, Aaron Turner, and 8mm.

* Limited edition cd single. Includes a super secret bonus track.

* The original release includes “Queen B,” “DoZo” and “Momma Sed.”

* Queen B in the hizzy. This DVD single includes bonus items as well as launching the video story of the Queen herself.

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15 years ago

I enjoy Tool and APC, but this Puscifer thing is just a stupid marketing gimmick. Its too bad Maynard goes out of his way to appeal to the mouth-breathers who buy this crap.

15 years ago

the answer is people with money … obviously
but who cares !

are you implying he doesnt care about this ?

15 years ago

I’m just turned off by the fact that there’s so much more energy and time being invested in the merchandise side of Puscifer than the music.

Hey, new tee shirts for sale… Hey, new wallets and mini-purses for sale… Hey, new vibrator kit for sale (Oh em gee isn’t that just random?!?! LOL!)…

15 years ago

i have thought of that already and i think its very plausible ..

even tho the music its always the most important thing . Many bands called sold out bands use the visual and appeareance effect for their use and trend/sell and shit .

It not his case , his album is called V for Vagina.. you dont get to many point in the market for that , per example

15 years ago

Did Adam Jones borrow Robert Fripp’s riff from King Crimson’s Frame by Frame for the epic ending of Tool’s cover of No Quarter on Salival?

15 years ago

Just an update that I noticed this morning. Adam Jones added a shitload of sculpture photos to his myspace page today, including some stuff he worked on in college.

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