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Guitar Hero 4 Confirmed

Ronnie sent me an email today pointing me to Alan Joneswebsite (Adam‘s brother). On the Bits page it mentions:

Doesn’t all good summer fun begin with some yard work? Doing some of that… but I did have some real fun in LA on my last trip. After getting all of my work done and closing a deal for Tool (GH4) I spent the last day of my trip in Catalina which is a gorgeous little island off the coast. The ferry ride is about an hour. I made some new friends with a Texas Ranger and his wife – Justin and Courtnie Chambers – and spent the day with Adam, Camella, Rynne, and Aaron Harris of the band Isis.

From that statement I’d now consider this a done deal, and probably one of the happenings Blair has mentioned in the last few months.

The rest of the article is well worth reading too. It confirms a couple of things Blair mentioned recently and talks about a golf day with Danny and King Buzzo.

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