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July Newsletter

The July Tool Newsletter is out on Toolband and Toolarmy (though wasn’t posted in the news).  For those of you who dislike Blair‘s esoteric ramblings, don’t bother reading it.  Anyone who’s able to make any sense out of it, let me know.

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Dr. Styles
Dr. Styles
15 years ago

If you follow Blair’s ramblings, then undoubtably you have seen several snide references to cannibalism.

I think the “prior to hanging themselves” part tells us enough to know to stay the fuck away. I love TOOL, but sometimes the ulterior motives behind the band are a bit too sinister.

15 years ago

you are a fuckn wierdo

Dr. Styles
Dr. Styles
15 years ago

You’d think that with a name like “vuduchild” that this wouldnt be surprising or offensive to you… But alas, all you know of voodoo comes from Jimi Hendrix.

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