New Poll: Tool in Guitar Hero/Rock Band

There seems to be a bit of a divide amongst readers, some of whom think including Tool tracks in video games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band is selling out, while others (like me) think it’s a great idea.  New poll has been made to determine this once and for all!

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Doing anything FUN for fans = SELLING OUT.

Tool has been around the block for fifteen years, if they ever “sold out” it isn’t happening just now.


Who cares what medium someone discovers tool in. I first heard it in a strip club listening to some crack head dance to Ticks & Leeches. So what if a 13 year old buys guitar hero 4 and actually hears three songs that mean something. Good for that kid, and the attention Rool is supposedly getting: 3 songs and their own venue, who can argue with that much respect.


dam this reality !

These games are for kids , kids dont know tool easily .. Only the ones with more time to spend, and that . SO thats good i guess.
Real tool fans are music addicts and now how to play 7 instruments or more , and dont play guitar hero.. right ?


theres no real option in the poll for the feelings i have towards it. its not really selling out, they aren’t pasting their name all over billboards saying that they are in guitar hero… it is more of a thing that people will be like oh yeah do you know this song by tool? and no doubt it would be sober or schism or something and i would just sigh…. tool has always been different and doing this would pull away some of their edge.


well put Whisp. i don’t think they are selling out and i can see the benefits for the guitar freaks and the kids alike. but it definitely seems as though some of their mysterious edge may be stripped off by being associated with Activision or Neversoft or whoever. and it is that very edge that put them above all other bands for me and made me pay even closer attention to their music. this is just the way i see it – it doesn’t bother me too much at all though. huge respect for whatever they think is fit and… Read more »


No problem with that but then again please don’t whine if people mosh and/or keep taking pictures at your shows, if they don’t keep quiet while you play a very emotional song or if kids bother you in the street for photos and autographs.
In the end it just comes down to what audience you decide to have…


What audience you decide to have?

Even a kid who likes video games needs to learn to respect people who are expressing their grief.


when you say “don´t whine” , you mean who ?

this is a question for ginuye ,
i never saw the band whining !

people should do as they please , in the end they are happy


what, no “hooker with a penis” lyrics?

while i am surprised that they’re actually doing it, i wouldn’t consider this selling out.
and i’m excited for it, myself.


if this was during the lateralus days or before, everyone in this post would be going nuts. They started “selling out” once 10,000 came around. tons of interviews, lots of press photos, lasers for live shows, playing the same set list 20 shows straight, selling singles, signed records… They’ve figured out that they dont have much time left to cash in, and i dont blame them. That’s capitalism for you.

I just wish i could have seen them when they cared less about making money and more about killing babies[: