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Tool Attorney Alan Jones

Not the prominent Aussie asshole Alan Jones, but the brother of Adam; Alan Jones happens to be Tool‘s attorney. You can read about his work and how he is related to Tool on his website, but recently Redzorg of Toolarmy posted this snippet on one of the boards there:

Tools’ attorney is adams brother alan. and he is the one fighting to get the dvd released in the way in which the band wants it released. meaning, no stupid edits made by the record company in regards to certain band members views on the beneficial use of psychedelic drugs.

as you all know TOOL doesnt give a shit when their material is released, all they care about is their artistic vision being completely intact.
thats why this dvd is taking so long to come out.

Not sure of the legitimacy of this information, but it seems like a reasonably explanation as to why there has been no release so far, and also why Adam described the DVD as a “sore point” several months ago.

Thanks to Vuduchild for the tip.

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16 years ago

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