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Hi Everyone,

I’m enjoying some time on the Gold Coast next week, partially for a work conference and partially for a holiday.  Hopefully I’ll be connected to the net while I’m away, and will hopefully be able to post any news that comes up, but be understanding if my responses are not a quick as they’d normally be.

The good news is that normally whenever I go away, some kind of Tool news is released, so be prepared for a Guitar Hero or new album announcement in the next week!

Cheers, Hellboy!

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15 years ago

MJK posted something on their site on the 15th saying:

Don’t speculate or over analyze. Don’t search the message boards for rumors or look for this on anyone’s Myspace page… Just know that good things are coming (albeit under easy sail)… So, to reiterate,… just relax…

15 years ago
without trying to read too much into the photo by MJK , I’m thinking maybe the message he’s trying to convey could be:
_ while I was stoned and hammering away on my lap top, someone nailed me from behind. 
or –  now that I’ve got “PRO-TOOLS” the new CD a chance .
or-  so there is a difference between a hammer and a stylus.

I sincerely apologize

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