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Adam Jones talks Guitar Hero

Haven’t watched this yet, but apparently this Rolling Stone video interview features Adam talking about his involvement in Guitar Hero. Thanks to Nathan for the tip!

Note: The video doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. IE and Google Chrome seem to handle it fine. Could be Adblock or something interfering. Who knows….

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15 years ago

argh so long to wait till its out!

15 years ago

btw, the video only works in Internet Explorer for me, incase anyone else is using a real browser (not IE) and it’s not working – fail rollingstone.

see you auntie
see you auntie
15 years ago

Pretty cool.

I didn’t know Tool or specifically Adam had that much input into the game.

I thought they licensed a few songs to guitar hero and let them use some of Grey’s artwork. The fact that it seems Adam was part of the development of the Tool part of the game is a bit disappointing.

All that precious time could of been spent working on….. oh I don’t know, a live dvd? 🙂

Joke, of course.

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