D is for Dubby

Oldesch on Toolarmy tells me that there is a new Puscifer remix album available on Puscifer.com called D is for Dubby. This album contains nine tracks all remixed by Lustmord:

Dub remixes from “V is for Vagina” by the elusive O.G. Goth legend, LUSTMORD. Lot’s of Dub out there in the world. Some of it is actually done correctly. Lustmord is one of the few who do it right. Turn it up, settle in, and remember to Puff Puff Pass.

  1. Bone Dub
  2. Children of Dub
  3. DoZo Dub
  4. Dub v2.02
  5. Dub with Power
  6. Momma Dubbed part 1 and 2
  7. Sour Dub
  8. Trekka Dub
  9. Vagina (Version)

The album can be sampled and purchased electronically in the MP3 section of the Puscifer site.

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