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Slow News Week

Not much has happened this week, so here’s a few  Tool and non-Tool related items I noticed going on.

The Puscifer store is either open, or opening very soon Jerome Arizona according to a post from Blair on Toolband.  Not doubt most of the merchandise available from the Puscifer online store can also be had there.

Daily Grail are having a donation drive at the moment, and are offering a few prizes including a print of Maynard’s Sieben artwork.  Some of you will remember that these prints have been available on Toolarmy in the past, and I imagine there’s not many left, since they’re no longer available for purchase.  Make a donation a Daily Grail to be in the running.

The Big Day Out festival lineup was announced during the week, with what I think is a pretty uninspiring lineup.  Highlights include Neil Young, Arctic Monkeys, Cog, The Prodigy and more.  I think I’ll give it a miss this year and see Nine Inch Nails at Soundwave.

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15 years ago

Festivals suck, but if it means you get to see the kinda show NIN are doing this time round…….

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