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Tool – The Ultimate Review

A Tool DVD of sorts looks like it will be coming out sometime soon according to dennispuleo on Toolarmy:

They’ve been together almost 20 years and have survived more of American Rock’s sub-genres than any other band still relevant today [from Thrash to Grunge, Nu-Metal to AOR] but Tool have garnered a respect, from fans and critics alike, that other groups could only dream of; a respect built on raw talent, consistent innovation and sublime ability.
This film is a documentary review which traces the band and their music back to their inception in the late 1980s, and follows their story and sound through to the present day. Featuring rare and classic Tool performances, archive footage, exclusive interviews, contributions from their closest colleagues and friends, review and critique from the finest writers of the underground rock press, seldom seen photography, location shoots and a host of other features.

released 20th October 2008

£ 13.99 / US$ 25.60

Sound like one of those unauthorised DVD’s to me, so I’d personally steer clear…

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15 years ago

What does AOR stand for? Like Adult Contemporary or something?

15 years ago

[quote comment=”34231″]What does AOR stand for? Like Adult Contemporary or something?[/quote] [quote comment=””]What does AOR stand for? Like Adult Contemporary or something?[/quote]

Album-oriented rock or Adult-oriented rock

Yay, I remembered something from the radio course I did years back

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