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Can Maynard James Keenan Put Arizona Wine on the Map?

I found a somewhat interesting article/interview with Maynard and Eric Glomski about their wine making on the Phoenix New Times website.  A pretty interesting read if you like this side of Maynard’s work, though don’t be expecting anything Tool-related.

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Aunt Balls
Aunt Balls
15 years ago

Keenan turns grouchy when he talks about the music industry, and the expectations people put on him as a songwriter, as if his lyrics can heal them — let alone himself. “If these songs are so cathartic, then shouldn’t I should be fat and happy now? If it doesn’t help me and I don’t move on, how is that gonna help you?” Try telling that to Tool fans. They can’t get enough of Keenan’s cryptic, tortured lyrics, which they discuss and dissect ad nauseum on message boards. He sighs. “There’s an endless downward spiral that comes with being a rock… Read more »

15 years ago

I got the same impressions from Maynard over time after seeing as much of him as I can in videos and stuff. How he has responded to fame and all that is really interesting to me and I see him as a very real person in defiance of all the junk being famous brings. I really am happy for him that he seems to have found his calling in making wine. Its such a unique and interesting practice and it seems to fit his unique character. I feel like I completely respect him, not even like a fan anymore, but… Read more »

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