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Fantomas for Big Day Out 09

Nick emailed me just a minute a go to let me know that the following Myspace page has tour dates for Fantomas in Australia/New Zealand next year including the 2009 Big Day Out:

16 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Auckland, NZ
18 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Gold Coast, Aus
21 Jan 2009 – TBA, Brisbane, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
23 Jan 2009  – Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Aus
24 Jan 2009 – TBA, Sydney, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
25 Jan 2009 – TBA, Melbourne, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
26 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Melbourne, Aus
30 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Adelaide, Aus
01 Feb 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Perth, Aus

Personally, if this does happen I’d be slightly pissed off, cause I don’t really fancy paying $130 just to see Fantomas, and the likelihood of an Adelaide sideshow are virtually nil.  If this was the case it’s likely I’d be missing out this time around.

Update: It would appear that Fantomas are definitely the support act for the Serj Tankian sideshows, so consider the Big Day Out announcement a mere formality.

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15 years ago

I agree, this news sucks hard. However, I’m afraid this looks more official than not: links to

15 years ago

I’m confused… how does this relate to Tool?

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