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AJ Artwork For Sale, Melvins Oz Gigs

According to a post from Blair on Toolband/Army, a limited amount of original Adam Jones artpieces will be sold at the appearances at Grumpy‘s Bar.

Adam's Painting up for sale at Grumpy's
Adam's Painting up for sale at Grumpy's

While we’re talking about the Melvins, I heard on the Melvins Forum that any Melvins gigs in Australia next month will be “secret” shows and not part of an official tour. It also won’t include Big Business, so I’d guess maybe two shows, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne with Trevor Dunn on bass.

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15 years ago

the melbourne melvins show is at ding dong lounge.

dont know the date, and i dont know anything about a sydney show yet.

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