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Maynard talks Puscifer Shows, Tool (briefly)

Here’s an interview with Maynard I found today on Las Vegas Weekly, where he talks about the upcoming Puscifer shows:

“It will be a revolving door of artists in a cornucopia of chaos,” he promises,” but I don’t know what it will all be except exploring creative energy and performance — mainly music but also sketch comedy. We simply don’t know how to describe it, so we’re leaving it open-ended.”

It could involve:

“In theory, Gil and Ronnie Sharom, a band called Stolen Babies, Johnny Polanski, a guitar player that could play an empty water bottle, Trey Gunn and Matt Stiletto, Tim Alexander. They all may or may not. This is going to be an ongoing thing. If it sounds Frank Zappa, it is a work in progress and art with no end product in mind. We are going to make it cohesive, but the next day will be different. We will approach the songs differently, the comedy will be different. We have a lot of friends that have penciled their names in: Sponge Bob, Laura Milligan, Bob Odenkirk and Dave Cross. They have done Tool shows. Basically everyone is going yes, if I am available.”

And on Tool recording a new album:

Maynard said that fans have been asking for a new record from Tool and A Perfect Circle, but “nothing is going on presently.” “When we know what we are doing with a new record, everyone else will know at the same time,”

Check out the interview for more.

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