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Puscifer Live!

According to a recent mailout from Maynard, Puscifer will be playing two live shows at the Pearl in Las Vegas on the 13th and 14th of February:

Bust out your best mint green polyester suit and white patent leather shoes! Puscifer makes its live debut this February 13 & 14 at The Pearl in The Palms Casino. VEGAS, BABY!!! YEAH!!! With a cast of characters that include both musicians and comedians, I see the shows as a new take on what an evening of entertainment can be. I will share more details with you over the next couple of months but with rumors already circulating about what I was planning I wanted to make sure that the newsletter subscribers were the first to know. Many Many Many details to follow. C’mon 7’s and 11’s! Here’s a video announcement to share with friends & family: Puscifer live video announcement

I can’t think of a better St Valentines Day present than taking your partner to see Cuntry Boner in Vegas!

Also mentioned is a new track that’s being worked on for Underworld 3:

Puscifer will also have a remix for “Lighten Up, Francis” in Underworld 3 and we are working with Renholder and Milla for the end credits.

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14 years ago

I have a terrible feeling that this is the big announcement blair talked about in the news letter. As stated in previous posts. I hope I am wrong. But I feel this was it. I mean it has nothing to do with TOOL but nevertheless is posted on STOOLARMY.

Casi Moore
14 years ago

[quote comment=””] I’d be extremely surprised if this was the big announcement…[/quote]


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