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Puscifer Show Details, Tool Update

According to Blabbermouth, Maynard had the following to say about the upcoming Puscifer shows:

fans shouldn’t expect to see the kind of elaborate and precise stage production they experience at a TOOL gig, he also said he’s not exactly sure what will happen at the shows. “There’s an element of improv and jazz, you know, improv being more the comedic element and the jazz being the more musical element to this,” he said. “There’s not a perfectly planned out production that’s been a well-oiled, well-honed machine that’s been established and doing its thing constantly every night and you’re constantly refining it. This is more about capturing the energy in the moment.”

Tickets for these two shows go on sale on the 13th of December.

Also mentioned is this little snippet:

TOOL has been on vacation since early 2008, although Keenan said that he expects the band to begin writing a new album sometime next year.

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