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Signed Salival DVD’s on Sale Soon!

A Toolarmy Exclusive post today from Blair revealed that a hidden stash of Salival DVD‘s has been found in the Tool warehouse, and that 33 of these have been signed by the band recently and will be sold to Toolarmy members this Xmas.  These DVD’s (price unknown at the moment) will go on sale in the Toolarmy Bazaar sometime this Friday.

According to Blair’s description:

unlike the earlier ones, this time each DVD was individually SIGNED BY ALL FOUR BAND MEMBERS (with Adam also providing some original art ‘doodles’ on many of the cases).


“no”, this is not “the big thing.”

Apparently pictures, pricing and shipping details will be posted soon.

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14 years ago

33 copies!!!! I have no shot but it would be nice. It did say they were having a holiday lunch the 19th and maybe they would go up before or after this date. If someone gets a chance to buy two I’ll purchase one from them and I’ll try to do the same for you guys on fourtheye. That is if they allow it . Peace out and Good luck

14 years ago

I actually got one. My computer wasnt able to log onto shopping baazar at around 330pm LA time so i nipped down to the market place and jumped on at a internet kiosk and what do you know. After several attempts with three minutes left of access the link appeared in the specialty items.

Thank you Tool.

Sorry to everyone else who missed out though. I will have to post some picures of Adams Doodle when i finally get it.

14 years ago

Can’t wait for the “big thing”.

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