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Now that 2008 has been an gone, I thought I’d just highlight the main events that shaped Fourtheye over the year, and also share with you my favorite musical releases from the year.

Statistically, the biggest story of the year was Tool‘s involvement in  Guitar Hero: World Tour. Many argued that Tool were selling out, while others (myself included) just relished the idea of having some fun with some Tool tracks.  Being that several members of the band are avid gamers, Guitar Hero seemed like a pretty logical step for the band.  Who knows what the future will be here.  Perhaps after the Metallica version of Guitar Hero we’ll see a Tool one…

Tool featured in a dedicated issue of Revolver Magazine this year, and articles related to this issue generated almost as many hits as the Guitar Hero news.  For those who were able to get a copy of this magazine, it was a pretty interesting read, though much of the content had been published before.  Still it was a great way for collectors to get a range of good interviews all in the one place.  Those with the cash can still obtain these magazines from around the place, including signed copies that are available from CoSM.

Also a large talking point throughout the year was Maynard‘s work, both as Puscifer and as Caduceus.  Puscifer released two albums and numerous videos and merchandise this year, as well as announcing three shows in Las Vegas in February 2009.  It’ll be interesting to see what goes down at these concerts.  Maynard was also quite busy with his wine, doing many signings at Whole Food Markets, and producing several wines over the year.  I’d love to try some one day, but getting a bottle down here to Australia is a costly exercise.  Maybe one day I’ll get back over to the US and visit Arizona.  It sounds like a nice place!

The last piece of big news for the year was the limited Signed Salival that was released to Toolarmy members just before Xmas.  33 lucky Tool fans spent $200 a piece to grab these pieces of rare merchandise.

Other Fourtheye related news this year included a new Melvins album, Meshuggah finally touring Australia and much speculation over the next big thing (despite being told not to).

Outside of the world of Tool, my favorite albums of 2008 were:

  • Behold! The Monolith EP
  • Dr Dooom – Dr Dooom 2
  • Dub Trio – Another Sound Is Dying
  • Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh
  • Gridlink – Amber Grey
  • Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation – Self Titled
  • John Zorn – The Crucible
  • Kill The Client – Cleptocracy
  • Mammal – The Majority
  • Meshuggah – obZen
  • Origin – Antithesis
  • The Mars Volta – The Bedlam In Goliath
  • The Melvins – Nude With Boots

Other albums/bands I’ve (re)discovered this year that I’ve really enjoyed include:

  • The Austerity ProgramBlack Madonna
  • Beanflipper Total Dysfunctional Collapse and Garden Variety Manic Depressant
  • Between the Buried and Me Colours
  • The Dillinger Escape PlanIre Works
  • Insect WarfareWorld Extermination
  • Propagandhi Live from Occupied Territory
  • U.S.S.A. The Spoils
  • Other bands I’ve generally enjoyed include Big Black, Discordance Axis, Failure, Fudge Tunnel & TISM.

As far as movies go, I haven’t seen many this year, but the films I’ve enjoyed the most in 2008 have the There Will Be Blood and The Dark Knight.

As usual I did a lot of gaming this year too.The game of the year for me was Fallout 3, being every bit as good as I hoped it would be.  I also really enjoyed Fable 2 and Far Cry 2, and was pleased to see Mount & Blade finally made it to release.  I never did get around to playing Guitar Her: World Tour though…

So what’s happening in 2009?  As far as Tool goes, who knows.  But I’d suspect the following:

  • Writing and then recording sometime around August-September
  • Release new record at the end of the year, or early 2010.
  • Tour to follow album release, but I’d say unlikely in 2009.

I’d also expect some other Tool bits and pieces to emerge, such as a couple of projects Maynard has been working on, possibly another DVD from 10,000 Days, as well as the website updates Blair has mentioned.  Hopefully Toolarmy will get some love!

Also, I hope we’ll see The Melvins do a proper Australian tour.  Considering Mastodon have a new album out early 2009 I’d hope they’d tour as well.  The Soundwave Festival with Nine Inch Nails is happening in February, and I’ll be at the Adelaide show.  I’m still in two minds about the Big Day Out, Fantomas are very appealing but not very much else is.  Not sure I can justify the ticket price for a band I’ve seen three times already.  My favorite punk band Propagandhi are touring early 2009 as well, and they have a new album coming out as well, so I’m excited about that.

As far as Fourtheye goes – it’ll be business as usual here.  I was going to create a new theme over the holidays, but never quite got around to that.  Look out for one sometime in the next few months.  I’m also going to see if I can organise some Fourtheye merchandise this year as part of a fund raising drive later on this year.  Stay tuned!

If any of you have any great bands, albums, films, games or anything you’d like to let us know about, then feel free to post below.  Personally I read every comment this site gets, so am always interested in hear what you guys and girls enjoy.  If I get enough comments, I’ll even throw them all together as a Best of 2008 by Fourtheye Readers post.

Hope you all had a great 2008, and have an even better 2009.  This site is nothing without the readers, so thanks for your support over the last 12 months.

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15 years ago

I would love to see a new album in the next 18 months (plus a new tour) but as frustrating as the following will sound, it pretty much matches what Tool have done in regard to recording their last two albums: my prediction is that they will ‘write’ for all of 2009, record at some stage in 2010 and maybe, and I mean maybe, release their new album in late 2010 but I’ll say the second quarter of 2011 (April/May). I know it sucks to wait that long and yes I am aware of everything that occurred in the past (legal issues,… Read more »

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