Tool Smokebox Screensaver

I’ve had a few requests over the life of Fourtheye for a link to the Ænima Smokebox Screensaver.  Today I recieved another one, and decided that I’d finally upload it onto Fourtheye for anyone who wants it.  It can be downloaded here and is about 2.6MB in size.

According to the readme associated with the screensaver, it was created by KungFuJesus and isnieZot and was originally hosted one the now defunct Tool fansite  All credit goes to those guys for this, however a quick disclaimer – I take no responsability for any loss of data or damage to your PC directly or indirectly caused by the program.  It does work fine on any Windows PC I’ve tried it on though, including my current Vista PC.

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13 years ago

oooooh i remember this from back in the day!

would be nice to get it ported to mac.

though i spose the animated gif i have would be good enough loaded up as a screensaver

13 years ago

would be nice to get it ported to ubuntu 🙂