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Puscifer Presale

gregrohmer from Toolarmy made a post today that tells us that there is a pre-sale for the LA Puscifer gig.  To obtain tickets you will need the pre-sale password.  Just to make marginally hard for scalpers to obtain, I’ve created a small hint for you:  What is the second word, of track 6 on V is for Vagina?

Pre-sale tickets are up for grabs, presumably via Ticketmaster between 10 and 10 this Thursday.

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John Birds
John Birds
15 years ago

Am I the only one that thinks these LA (super expensive) VIP packages he is selling is a bit hypocritical of him??!! I mean I was at the  Tool show last year in San Diego and all he did was bash the LA people that drove down, he said “there’s non of that VIP shit here”. Come on. On Tuesday, the meet and greet price was $150, now it’s $295. WOW. I guess the Aenima song meant nothing…maybe it’s the recession…that has him charging so much, and me ranting!!!

15 years ago

He sold out long before you’d ever even heard his name.

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