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Puscifer Reviews

A couple of Puscifer Reviews have popped up, on from a reader and Toolarmy member, and the other a more professional review from IGN.

Cirkus from Toolarmy shared his review of the Puscifer Experience, as well as a photo of the setlist:


was able to get a quick glimpse of the stage during soundcheck and was able to hear 2 songs being rehearsed. full details under the fellowship board, vegas meetup thread.

the concert itself was awesome.

uncle scratch’s gospel revival was very entertaining. crowd-interaction and religious comedy nonstop. “give me back my bible baby”, “i banged a sinner”, “lord took my hand”, etc. bluesy, punk, and sacrilegious, all in one (a divine trinity of sorts).
puscifer was no disappointment. the opening clip, the mr. show-esque short films, and meats meiers “bob cult” footage were all hilarious. i really enjoyed the religion skit as well. that was unique to the friday show. it included televangelism jokes with a priest and nun, pokes at eastern philosophy, and a lovely aging, beer-bellied, dabbling-in-debauchery, comb-over’d, wrinkle covered, and ghetto fabulous diamond-lettered-jesus-rear valor tracksuit wearing neil socket (pronounced both s’o-kay and suck-it) aka maynard.

the music itself was awesome. very tight considering it was the first night, but a little slow-moving and unrehearsed in its transitions. songs were reinterpreted with a slew of different band members. musicians stayed on stage when finished, sitting on lounge furniture. maynard poured and passed wine glasses around. tim alexander surfed the web and twittered throughout. “the mission” with milla was the highlight of the night. the new song “polar bear” was very cool as well.

after the show, i got a hug from danny carey, right before he disappeared through the backstage double doors. i also met several ta members after the show. you know who you are!

setlist thanks to

(Video segment #1)
“Sour Grapes”
“Rev 22:20”
(Video segment #2)
“Drunk With Power”
“The Undertaker”
“Vagina Mine”
“Momma Sed”
(Video segment #3)
“Polar Bear”
“Indigo Children”
“The Mission”
“Queen B”

crappy audio:
the mission (with milla):
queen b:

video footage can be found on youtube.


got a free fourth row ticket to billy joel, thanks to my friend’s connection with the backup band. billy definitely put on a good show.


as the venue filled up, anticipation built up. usgr put on a great show again, and thankfully played “cant bang you on a sunday (guess i’ll have to bang you on a monday)”, a song i heard on their myspace and wanted to hear on friday. they were so kind as to ask the soundboard folks to turn up jesus. a jesus portrait was mic’ed (and the drummer pointed out the portrait was not of david grohl). i ran into the band at the merch table after their set and told them i felt saved. “you are saved, brother” was the response. i also met junior (lighting) at the soundboard before the show. talked for a short bit.

a curtain was removed and a mini trailer on stage was revealed. maynard crawled on stage from the first row somewhere between 9 and 9:30. he went into the trailer and the screens on either side of the stage displayed a video of inside. he was at his computer calling the cast of characters and telling them there was a forgotten third night (some members were playing poker, apparently). a woman was also in the trailer. she had a bright orange wig, but you couldnt see her face. maynard exited the trailer to set up folding lawn chairs and a mini grill with marshmellows.

the songs were much solider than friday, and different versions were played. i felt as though the music was better, but friday was just as good due to the virginity of the event. oh yeah, the woman with the orange wig, fishnetting, and nurse outfit was none other than tim alexander from primus. he joined in on some songs and then went back to drinking wine and eating food in the trailer (he even ate sushi during dozo).

mid-set maynard married juliette to her boyfriend who strongly resembled justin chancellor but was not. juliette had “left her wedding” to come sing at this surprise third show.

the performance was great. i had hoped to witness a cuntry boner encore, but oh well.

here is the setlist for sunday:

Puscifer Setlist

Puscifer Setlist

IGN posted a review of the Friday night show, as well as a couple of pictures that have been round the traps for a while.  Here’s a snippet:

Perhaps the most compelling performance of the show was of the all-new track, “The Mission.” For one “The Mission” is easily Puscifer’s most sophisticated entry to-date with complex vocal layering and a memorable piano progression, but it also features the talents of actress/singer Milla Jovovich. While Jovovich is most recognized for her roles in the Resident Evil film series, she is also an impressive singer. Jovovich’s vocal style is much like her speaking voice – smooth, sweet, and sometimes raspy.

Sounds like they were a great success, and personally I’d love to see a Puscifer performance one day.

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14 years ago

excellent review!  thanks, man.

14 years ago

Pusicfer sounds so boring though.

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