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Google Ads Experiment

Hi Everyone,

You may have noticed the recent appearance of Google Ads on the site.  No this is not an early April Fools joke, more an experiment to look at ways to help the site reach a break even point.

I will be leaving them on the site for the month of April, and then will evaluate how they’ve gone, and whether or not I’d like to continue with them.  Reader feedback is always appreciated in these kind of issues, as adding advertising that decreases the enjoyment of readers is definitely something I would avoid.

Those of you using Adblock won’t notice of course.  You guys may want to consider a donation instead 😉

Of course, at the end of April, I may well discover there’s no money in hosting ads (I suspect this is likely to be the case) at which time  I will most likely remove them anyway.

In other revenue raising schemes, I’ve been looking into Fourtheye T-Shirts.  I’ve got one design so far (Update: now several!), which may give you a laugh.  Feel free to buy one.  I get aprroximate US$2 for each one sold!  Anyone who wants to design a Fourtheye shirt for sale, let me know, because I’m not much of an artist!



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charred remains
14 years ago

Hmm, I disabled adblock plus on this domain so I could click one of them, but I still don’t see any. It might well be noscript blocking, sorry but that crap will remain untrusted. I remember you had quite a few cool designs t-shirt designs a couple of years ago. They still floating around on a hard drive somewhere? Just got my student centrelink stimulus bonus, might swing a few dollars your way when I find my debit card (it’ll be here somewhere). Don’t visit the site much anymore, but still getting all the updates via rss. Traffic has… Read more »

14 years ago

I hate the google ads, personally. I’ve never liked them on any site.

But, the shirt made me laugh. xD I’d buy one if I wasn’t broke.

14 years ago

Pretty funny shirt design. 

How about something with the 4th Eye logo?

Leo Monzo
14 years ago

hahahaha.. best tool fan site t-shirt ever made!!….   gimme gimme!! hahaha….

the fourtheye logo would look good on a t shirt… or even a tattoo…jojo

14 years ago

hillarious shirt!  don’t have money for it, but am sending a few bucks your way – awesome job on the site and thanks!

14 years ago

The ads are barely noticeable, especially when compared to other sites. So its a no worries! This is a great site, I wish I could contribute, but funds are poor. Hope it helps you to keep it going.

Idea for a t-shirt: A really obese man (i.e. with the caption “ gets my juices flowing. Oh, baby.”  Don’t know if it’ll be a seller though….??

14 years ago

Greetings from Canada! We have been reading Fourth Eye for some time now. I gotta say… the shirt is kinda cool – you definitely have a point there – hence the reason why I visit this site and ToolShed before all else. I love Tool and I think Blair is pretty cool but come on, who wants to sit there trying to decode that sh*t? The Google Ads thing is also interesting… I have AdBlock but didn’t think that many people had really caught on to it. I do wonder what the future of online ads will do. I am… Read more »

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