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Danny plays with Puscifer

James emailed me today to let me know that Danny played with Puscifer in LA the other night.  As with everything these days, it was captured in all it’s glory on a cheap camera and posted on Youtube!  Thanks to decadence21 for posting it.  There’s a few more videos from the night there too!

Tiresias also emailed me his review of the show on the 4th:

At the show last night. Flew down from Northern california. Seates VIP2 Balcony, row AA. Milla was sitting behind me for most of the show. Great set. Highlights:

Rev:22 Single female vocal, not Maynard; Momma Sed (sweet!), Milla’s song, (really hot, very cool vibe in L.A., and then Queen B with Danny Carey, who sat on the couch for the beginning of the song, then moved to the kit stage right (which lit up inside the kit) for the end of the song. He and Alexander were in synch and rocking out.  Indigo children was another highlight, but I ram to the bar and almost ran into reznor.

Into The Presence had a great set. Rush sounding voice and a sweet guitar player. (Also played with Puscifer)

Overall an entertaining evening. Really cool vibe of Puscifer as a collective musical, comedy ensemble. Much love all around on stage after the final song. Maynard sticks to the shadows and works great with others.

Can’t wait for Tool this summer. Hoping they will swing by Outside Lands in Golden Gate at the end of the summer.

Sounds good!

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