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Josh Freese Since 1972 Packages

A few months ago I posted about Josh Freese‘s new album Since 1972, and outlined the various packages that could be purchased.  Many people suspected that much of this was a joke, but a recent blog post from the Amateur Chemist suggests that he’s coming good with his promises!  It even suggests that there has been someone wealthy enough to afford the $20,000 package, which includes mini-golf with Maynard:

Josh was very down to earth and just as zany and energetic as his drum style. It seemed to hit Josh that he was really going through with his masterplan when we sat down to eat. He relayed the craziness of trying to coordinate with people flying across the country to play miniature golf with Maynard from Tool, and Mark from Devo.

No word yet on the $75 000 package featuring a ride in Danny‘s Lamborghini on mushrooms.

Thanks to Bellami for the tip!

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