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LA Times interviews Maynard

LA Times has published the second interview with Maynard I’ve come across today.  The interview, conducted by Chris Barton talks mainly about Puscifer and the upcoming LA shows:

How many dates are you playing with this?

Oh, just these two. Then we’re going to probably do some Texas dates in June…. Rather than a band touring, this is going to be more like musical installations in places. We started off in Vegas, which made sense because it’s kind of a Cirque du Soleil town.

I don’t know if you’ve seen “Love,” but you can’t do that anywhere but Vegas. The only way you could pull something off like that is to have it stay in one spot and build it from the ground up and have it be consistent. Puscifer’s certainly not that, but that’s kind of the idea, that there’s something occurring and it has to kind of occur over several nights.

So I have to ask, any more news about Tool’s summer tour coming up?


Good news for Texan Puscifer fans!

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15 years ago

Why does he hate TOOL so much. I’m sure he doesn’t really hate them ,but it seems like every interview I read when someone mentions TOOL he gets all pissy. Jesus christ is really that fucking bad, are the fans really that fucking bad?  I’m sorry Mr. Keenan but the world found out about you through TOOL.  I wish someone would have the balls just once to ask him nothing but TOOL questions until he throws a fit and walks out. Then laugh and poke fun at him because he left throwing a fit. Now that would be a good read.                           

15 years ago

ohhh, i thought he raised his arms between his head and said ‘Silence’.

15 years ago

[quote comment=””]I’m in two minds about this really.  Firstly, if he’s there to discuss something else (like Puscifer in this example), then that’s what the interview should be about.   However, I don’t think there’s any harm in answering one basic Tool question, provided the interviewer is showing respect towards the real topic of the interview.  Especially considering we already know the answer to the question (though I guess we don’t know when the interview was actually held). Personally, I think the answer in this interview was more a joke, rather than a jab at fans as such, though I… Read more »

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