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Lollapalooza Confirmed?

Blair made a cryptic post on Toolarmy today:

Anyone besides Buzz, Junior and I see that blistering line drive of a foul ball the other night at Dodger Stadium that damn near postponed a certain tour? Easier just to buy one of the damn things. Speaking of baseball (which I love), in planning my… vacation, while in Chi-Town the second week in August (when the weather’s nice), I was hoping to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field (having never been there). A little research would have been nice. Turns out that during that time the Cubs will be on the road – in Colorado, facing our friend Glendon Rusch and the Rockies. So, no Wrigley Field. Oh well, anyone know where I can get a good dog in Chicago. One with a little attitude? I’ve got an extra twenty that I’m saving for the occasion.

Some people read this to be a metaphor in regards to some upcoming Tool dates, including the much rumoured Lollapalooza.  The official lineup is announced tomorrow apparently so we’ll know soon enough.

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14 years ago

I don’t understand how a fowl ball could have postponed a tour. The reason being that no members of tool were mentioned as being there. This does however add to the speculation of a Tool/Melvins tour. Because buzz was mentioned as being there and a few topics back have rumors about a tool/melvins something or other. Maybe that guy on the melvins message board with only one post is on to something…

14 years ago

Yes it’s confirmed!!

14 years ago

[quote comment=””]Yes it’s confirmed!![/quote]

I had the feeling we we going to get all the dates 20 days ago. Why do I now get the feeling we wont get all of them tomorow.

14 years ago

Although no band member was mentioned, I believe Blair was talking about Danny’s attempt at grabbing a very fast foul ball. Danny and Blair were at the game as were Buzz and I, though we were seated in a different section from them. They were on the front edge of the first balcony (section 105) right behind home plate and just above the backstop safety net. Foul tips come screaming through there on a regular basis.
The guy on the Melvins board was on to nothing, as Buzz assures me he is not aware of any Tool/Melvins project.

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