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I’ve been away for a few days, and have missed out on several little bits and pieces of Tool related news. No tour news though, which is what people really want!

Firstly, Maynard appears in the new movie Crank 2, which also features Danny Lohner, Mike Patton doing the soundtrack, and some dude from Linkin Park.  Thanks to Ziggy and AZB for the tips.

In another movie related item, apparently The Taking of Pelham 123 will have an A Perfect Circle remix appearing on the soundtrack.  Cheers Hurtfrog!

Maynard tweeted a couple of times, alluding to being in certain places at certain times.  Possibly Tool, everything is as vague as you’d expect:

Oakland/Fox Theater? Seattle/Moore Theater? June? Anything is possible.


Wine events coming to the Midwest, NorthEast and SouthEast. But No Puscifer shows in those areas yet. Sorry. Soon. Hold please.


Possible dates in the NorthWest.

Aaron Harris from Isis confirms the tracks that Adam appears on Wavering Radiant:

Aaron continued to explain the exact contribution Adam Jones did on ‘Waving radiant, “He just did some guitar and its not gonna be that recognizable, its not your typical guitar sounds. I think he used an ebo and effects. But it still has that signature Adam Jones sound to it.”

Now on what tracks does Adam Jones play what Aaron describes as “a whole fading frog sound”? The opening song ‘Hall of the Dead’ and the instrumental title track ‘Waving Radiant’.

That’s all for now – some news in regards to the Fourtheye shirts will be coming soon!

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14 years ago

Ebow? Adam said he doesn’t use  an Ebow..

14 years ago

[quote comment=””]Ebow? Adam said he doesn’t use  an Ebow..[/quote] Epilady then? or whatever he said he used instead.. listening to Hall of the dead which i thought originally adam would have been playing the palm muting bit if anything, but yeah i can hear the fading in and out of guitar in a sortive wings part 2 fashion. Almost something APC when it gets more into the song. But then brings thoughts of rosetta stoned extended notes towards the end. With only playing leading harmonies like this he probly wouldn’t have to tune down. And theres wavering radiant which sounds… Read more »

14 years ago

Maynard has to be talking about pusifer when he says Oakland/Fox Theater, Seattle/Moore Theater these are small venues in really big cities but i am hoping and praying for TOOL shows that would kick ass.  I have been chomping at the bit for a festival show anywhere within 600 miles of my home town.  Other wise i will have to go to L.A.

14 years ago

All righty then. Picture this if you will… since I didn’t get any further response from Jr on this topic (not that I expected to) and this is the last Dogma post from BMB so far, I’ll just leave this here for all you little conjecturers to ponder, pick apart, further obsess over, whatever… while waiting for the next official trickle of tour date detailage.  I guess I should post this on the Blair-endorsed FourthEye as well… 8`) Thoughts? ===================================== From Blair: “… about a dozen shows planned, scattered throughout the United States of America…” From Jr: “… 3 weeks… Read more »

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