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Tool March Newsletter

Blair has released the March Tool Newsletter on Toolband/Army this morning, which may or may not contain April Fools Jokes within.  It mainly talks about Justin and a TeePee that he erected at his house, will allusions to him writing songs for the next album.

For those who only care about specific news though, the last paragraph delivers:

Anyway, that’s what Justin may or may not be up to these days. As far as other band-related news, the last meeting with 3D artist Meats Meier went great (as he acknowledged in a recent blog). Adam and Kevin Willis are up to some mischief. Maynard is back from the wine signings in Texas, and is getting ready for the Puscifer shows at Club Nokia. Danny has added yet another monster modular synth to his collection, and is currently recording… something at the loft. Besides that, we should have some Tool tour dates posted soon. Now, show me the way to the next supernatural power zone…


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14 years ago

This is going to be good. The guys are getting older and the economy is getting worse and they know it. Something tells me that they will have something out sometime in 2010. Its the same type of feeling I had about a tour in 2009…

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