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Yet Another Puscifer Review!

This time courtesy of Amateur Chemist, who still had some money leftover after having lunch with Josh Freese.  It’s a pretty cool review, and sounds like a good show all round, with Billy Howerdel and Josh Freese both making appearances, as well as the previously documented Danny Carey.

Here’s a snippet:

“Major Douche” made his usual appearance warning the audience “No flash photography or video was allowed!” I had heard that the night before Rani and Gil Sherone from Stolen Babies helped out on the rhythm section. On this particular night, Matt Mcjunkins (Bass) and Jeff Friedl (Drums) from Ashes Divide formed the backbone of Puscifer’s tunes.

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14 years ago

Cool shots. Sounds like (almost) everybody was there!

Maynard is piling some pounds on too.

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