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APC on Guitar Hero 5, Atlanta change

A couple of readers emailed me to let me know that A Perfect Circle will be appearing on Guitar Hero 5.  Details of this news and other bands announced can be found at Rolling Stone.  No word on what track will appear, but I’d put my money on it being Judith.

A couple of tour changes were announced on Toolband today.  Firstly the Atlanta show which appeared to have a venue clash has been replaced by a show in Duluth at the Gwinnett Arena, tickets on sale June 6th.  Not sure where Duluth is personally, but I imagine it’s somewhere near Atlanta.  Also the On Sale date for tickets to the New Mexico show has been shifted to the 6th.

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15 years ago

Duluth as in Duluth, Minnesota?  Thats the only major Duluth in America.  But a google search indicates a town called Duluth in Georgia.  This burgeoning metropolis of some 22,000 Georgian-ites would certainly have a venue to support a major international touring band…. nah

BTW, I’ve traveled to Duluth several times (from Texas) and it doesnt strike me as a prog/alt rock band mecca.  Mostly old antuque shops and a cool Lake Superior Shipwreck museum, where you can learn all about the Edmond Fitzgerald.  yaay!

15 years ago

Yeah, its in Duluth, Georgia (damn).

Cool APC news though.

15 years ago

Duluth is just a little to the northeast of Atlanta. It’s really not much further away from downtown Atlanta than the originally posted location, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater which is actually in Alpharetta. The Arena at the Gwinnett Center is about a 13,000 seat arena. Tool played there in 2007 so it won’t be anything new to them.

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