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Toolarmy Maynard Artwork on Ebay

One of the 500 limited edition artworks by Maynard (Sieben I believe it was called), available only to Toolarmy members is now available on Ebay.  The item is currently at US$849, not bad for something was originally around the $200 mark initially (if my recollection is accurate).  According to the description:

For auction from 2003 is this Limited Edition Artwork by TOOL front man Maynard James Keenan. I have never seen this up for auction on Ebay before. This Artwork was only available through (Tools OFFICIAL Fan Site) in 2003 on a first come first serve basis. This Artwork sold out in under one minute for all available copies. I have copy 64 / 500. The artwork is not printed on white stock, it is an off white cream color. The color in the scans is not discoloration. Just as beautiful as the day it arrived! All 4 corners are CRISP AND SHARP! This piece is MINT!!!

Despite what the seller says, I’m pretty sure it didn’t sell out in under a minute.  It was available for sale for some time, though is no longer.  For those with deep pockets in these tight economic times, a piece I’m sure well worth investing in…

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15 years ago

That artwork sucks, by sucks I mean; it’s really nothing special.  I saw better artwork in my high school..

15 years ago

Well it seems the scalpers have won again.  tickets for Dallas show promptly sold out in under a minute.  There was no limit on how many you could buy so the scalpers computer programs snatched up 50 at a time, and now half of the have been flipped over to ebay for 4-8 times face value.

What a bunch of fags….

15 years ago

Yeah, there’s tickets going for like $600 on eBay. This shit should be a fucking crime. :\

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