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Maynard James Keenan on Comedy

Leonard Pierce from the Milwaukee Decider has an interview with Maynard up today, this time discussing comedy, including his attempts at comedy, and some comments on the genre in general:

D: Who’s the funniest non-comedian you’ve ever worked with?

MJK: A guy who should have his own talk show, if you could just get—you know how it is, you have guys who once you aim a camera at them, all of that goes away. You pretend the camera’s off, and you can get them saying unbelievably funny stuff in such a way that no one would think could possibly work. I know two guys who are like that: Sean Kinney, the drummer for Alice In Chains, is a funny motherfucker. And Danny Lohner, who started out with Marilyn Manson and is now involved with Puscifer. Those are two guys that, if you could get them on camera without them knowing they were on camera, you’d just have endless, endless material. But as soon as the camera goes on, they just freeze up. I’ve tried it.

An interesting article worth reading, but don’t go expecting Tool.

Update: Turns out this is an article that’s been a round for a while that I’ve quite possibly linked to before!  Ah old age….

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