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A few things came across my desk today, none of which are particularly exciting and warrant their own post.

Firstly, there’s a set of gig posters from the last Tool tour up on Ebay.  Located in the UK, the complete set starts at £100, or you can buy it now for £200.

Next up Blair‘s Myspace page has a few interesting photo’s added recently, the most interesting of which is a fancy neon geometric symbol, some of whom there have speculated may be a new stage prop:

Stage Prop?
Stage Prop?

Maynard has been tweeting a bit lately, suggesting that the tasting room at his vineyards will be open soon (hopefully the 4th of July).  Pics can be found in the Journal at  He also suggests he’s doing some more filming for the wine documentary Blood Into Wine.

Finally there’s a range of new pics up on Toolband, mainly from Kat’s baby shower, one of which shows Justin on the piano.  Sign of things to come?  Who knows.  Congrats to Kat!

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14 years ago
14 years ago

that would be awesome if that was the new stage prop. i just got the same thing tattooed on my forearm yesterday!

14 years ago

Funny seeing that Beatles songbook at the piano. I remember in a Radio interview promoting 10,000 days (that was probably posted on fourtheye??) Justin was asked what his favorite Beatles song was. He replied “I bloody hate the Beatles”.

Doesnt look like hes using that sheet music but thought it was interesting seeing it there

14 years ago

17 January, 2009 (02:50pm)

A photo from the Sonor Danny Carey signature snare shoot back in September. Don’t try this at home unless you’ve got one of these built into your driveway. Don’t worry, that’s only pomegranate juice in those chalices. Still, with what was in the kapala and such, we were only one Word of Power from causing… something to happen.
photo by LaraLee

In the news archives…

Also, 11 January, 2009 (09:23pm)

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