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A General Warning

There seems to be plenty of dubious vinyl going around at the moment, including the recently posted 10,000 Days vinyl.  In the post I made it clear I felt it was a bootleg at the time, and really only mentioned it out of curiousity as I’d never seen a 10,000 Days vinyl before.  Following that post I was told by a somewhat reliable source that Tool were planning to do some 10,000 Days vinyl, and that the recent Ebay article could be the real deal, though he wasn’t sure.

Today a Fourtheye reader has told me that without doubt the recent 10,000 Days vinyl appearing here is a poorly manufactured fake.  He also mentions there are plenty of Ænima fakes on Ebay at the moment also.

I’m not going to stick my neck out and say which ones are and aren’t real, but I will say to all of you out there in the market – buyer beware!  I will continue to post items of interest on Fourtheye, but take no responsability for the legitimacy of any of them.  Having said that, I will generally keep away from obvious fakes, and where I feel interesting items may not be legitimate, will a statement to that effect.

If you’d really like to buy something, and want to help support your favorite Tool site, try one of these items!

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14 years ago

Without deriding any specific listing, could you list a few noticeable characteristics that might be expected for both fake and legitimate vinyls?


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