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MJK Tweets Puscifer Tour Info

Maynard recently tweeted a hint that there could be further Puscifer shows later this year:

Confirming a few Fall Dates. No East Coast. Sorry. Maybe next year. (Puscifer, in case that wasn’t clear or you’re lost.)

For those that are seasonally challenged, this means some time in September, October or November.  Hopefully Maynard will also find some time to help record a Tool album, as well as his duties on the vineyards.

As to the location – who knows.  If it’s not the East Coast, then I’d guess some larger towns on the West.  Possibly LA again?  San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver?

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14 years ago

I read somewhere (sorry, forgot the source) that he was looking at a couple dates in Austin and Houston, TX. I’m hoping!

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