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After much procrastination, I’ve finally decided to open the Fourtheye Store on Cafepress (for Australian buyers use this link).  On the site you’ll find a range of designs, including the Fuck Blair joke I came up with a while back, as well as some artwork created by Fourtheye Readers Rohan Dawes and Michael Thurman.

Profits from shirt sales go directly back in to server costs, which just happen to be due this week.  If you’re keen on supporting the sitebut don’t want to buy anything, then feel free to use the donation form on the top right.  Paypal account is not required, a credit card may be used.

If anyone likes a design, but can’t see the right product/colour combo, then let me know and I’ll see if I can come up with something that suits.  I’m also open to submissions from other Fourtheye readers who’d like to design something for me.

Happy shopping!

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