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The Book of Tool Revolver Re-issue

Looks like the Revolver Book of Tool magazine is going to be reprinted, and the new edition will feature the recent Adam Jones/Kirk Hammett interview.

Already a highly desirable collector’s classic that sold out its first printing in a matter of days, we’ve gone back to the press to bring you the best Tool collection ever! Revolver’s 100-page special The Book of Tool is an unprecedented exploration of one of the most innovative, intriguing, and mysterious bands in the heavy-music scene.

The Book of Tool features exclusive interviews with all the band members, never-before-seen photographs and conceptual sketches, an exhaustive album-by-album oral history of the band, an interview with collaborating artist Alex Grey, looks at the instruments and techniques that Tool have employed to achieve their unique sound and compelling visual style, and much more.

The Book of Tool is a must for the library of any Tool fan. As a bonus, we’ve created two collector’s covers AND added a new bonus chapter featuring cult heroes Adam Jones and Kirk Hammett. This collector’s re-print is sure to sell out soon, so order your copy today!

Keep your eyes peeled for this, especially if you missed out the first time round.  Thanks to Vuduchild for the tip.

Update: Not sure why this article never got posted – it was originally done on the 8th of August, but never got past Draft stage.  Thanks WordPress!

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14 years ago

Can you buy me one? Unfortunalty QLD doesn’t seem to stock these magazines, unless you go to Brisbane, and I wont be going anywhere near that shit-hole for a while.

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