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Tool – Reflets et métamorphoses

There is a new Tool biography out recently, “Reflets et métamorphoses” (Reflection and metamorphosis for those non-French speaking readers) released on French only and written by regular Fourtheye reader Christophe Muller.  Tool fans are generally skeptical of unauthorised Tool products (such as the Ultimate Tool DVD) so I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask Christophe a few questions, and let him explain for himself why he wrote the book.

Describe for Fourtheye readers what the book is about ?

It’s mainly a biography about the band, but I also wanted to do a serious analysis of the lyrical and the visual aspects that may interest the Tool fans. For that, I studied a little and made many, many researches, and so I learned a lot. I also asked a few questions to some people who approached Tool in one way or another. I also was lucky to contact a French photograph who has followed them since the beginning ; even at the last moment, a friend of mine realized a few great illustrations !

Is this book self-published ? If not, how did you go about getting a book such as this released ?

A person posted on the forum of my website Salival the fact that he contacted a French editor, named Camion Blanc and specialized in musical biographies. He just wanted to know if a book about Tool was planned ; it wasn’t the case then, but there was a real interest in it. So it triggered something in my mind, and I decided to introduce myself in order to do it. I’ve been into the band Tool since Undertow, when I discovered some songs I heard on a radio ; and from Ænima, I’ve archived everything about the band I’ve been able to find, without knowing it would help me one day to write a book !

Why did you decide to write this, and how long did it take ?

When I started almost 3 years ago, no book had been written about Tool, and I thought there was so many things to say ! I know the band focuses on Art and asks an interpretation by oneself, but so many things have been told that I wanted to make a kind of assessment too. But it took a long time for it to be published, and I discovered that a book by Joel McIver was released in April 2009… I’ve been writing during all the year 2007 apart from my job, then another year passed waiting because many other books had to be published before mine. But the good part was that it gave me the possibility to read my writing again with a good distance, and I rewrote it during a few weeks in order to improve it.

Has the book been authorised or acknowledged by Tool or their management at all ?

Not at all, it’s completely unofficial ; I didn’t even dare to contact them, because they’re well known not to put any kind of interest in that sort of project (except for the special edition of Revolver magazine). But it’s respectful at the most ; it was very important for me there’s neither rambling but facts, nor damage about anyone at all.

Why French ? I presume it’s because it’s your first language ? Any plans for this to be released in English ?

I’m a French guy, so indeed it’s as simple as that, but it’s also because I was in contact with a French editor as I had have no idea before that to write a book about Tool. And yes, I would be very, very pleased for my book to be translated. My editor has also been very interested about that, as they’re very satisfied with what I wrote. If someone is ok, contact me !

Anyone interested in purchasing the book can do so here or via his Myspace page, where there’s a link to Amazon.

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