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Killing Joke & Puscifer Live

Mattia emailed me this morning to let me know that apparently have mentioned that Tool may be appearing on an upcoming Killing Joke tribute.

Also, a live version of Dozo, recorded at The Pearl has been uploaded on the Puscifer site. Sounds quite good!

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14 years ago

I read and their forum community 3rd Eye. They say that tool are amonst the artists that Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke mentioned to be part of a KJ tribute, soon to come. Other artists are Meshuggah, Metallica and Helmet. Maybe it’s a finnish magazine called soundi that firstly reported the news. Then the webmaster, which is a sort italian Blair I think, he’s joking about the fact that Killing Joke are from Notting Hill, London. He wrote something like: “We are waiting for eventual confirms, but remembering Danny Carey’s passion for that band, you say best, when you say… Read more »

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