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Forum Update

Some of you have noticed that there is now an active community forming in the Fourtheye Forums.  Many Toolarmy readers, craving for a desire to communicate, have taken up residence. However Fourtheye readers of all types are welcome to join in the fun.

A feature I have just added this evening (indeed this post is designed to test it!) if post synchronisation.  In the News forum, you will find all the posts from the Fourtheye blog, and responses made to these posts will appear both in the forum, and on the blog.  Just another way to allow you to read Fourtheye whatever way tickles your fancy.  Don’t forget you can also access Fourtheye via RSS feeds and by Twitter.  Fourtheye was originally designed as a way to allow readers to access Tool related info in a manner they saw fit, so I’m happy to offer these options, and welcome any suggestions from readers.

Happy reading!

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13 years ago

[quote comment=””]
Testing from the other end…

That was to easy..LOL

13 years ago

There’s a FourthEye Forum now?!?!?

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