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More Puscifer Reviews

Maynard seems to be tweeting every decent Puscifer review at the moment, including this good one of the show in Oakland from Spinning Platters.

I also have a review from Fourtheye reader Lt. Aldo Raine.  Not sure which army he’s a member of, but he seems to like his drugs & alcohol:

When I went to Oakland last night I was there to do one thing and one thing only. Drink Whiskey. Having quickly accomplished my objective, I proceeded to get stoned. Really Stoned. I mean Godawfully stoned. I was more stoned than a fucking hippie at a bong fair. I mean… Jesus Christ hasn’t been raised on high like I was last night.

Luckily some pretty young thing by my side brought to my blitzed attention the fact that Merkin Vineyards was selling something called Chupacabra. Whiskey and wine, good decisions.

Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival was onstage when I arrived. Fantastic anarchic punk trash rockers. Get ur done!

Puscifer threw down a bad ass, hilarious, uplifting, dark, maddening and saddening set.The night is hazy, but highlights are Dozo, Trekka, Cuntry Boner, Undertaker, and Humbling River.

Maynard made you laugh and cry, and he did a fucking scream on Undertaker which deafened the crowd. I thought I was listening to the Grudge there for a moment, and then he screamed again. RAD.

Liked and didnt like the fact that it was seated. I was up front which was nice, but the Fox is great with General Admission. However, no complaints. Beautiful show. I am still not exactly sure what hit us. Something like an escaped convict in a Mack truck.

I’m always happy to post reviews and photo’s from Fourtheye readers, so feel free to send me an email if you have something.

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14 years ago

I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing both nites of Puscifer at Oakland’s beautiful Fox Theater.  Each nite was different & exciting in its own way.  The first nite with its laid back loungy, come hang out on my couch vibe had me floating on the BART ride home.  Maynard’s voice is butter.  The second nite with its campy, trailer park vibe was HILARIOUS!  The characters & videos had my sides splitting from laughter.  I was pleased that they ended the nite back in “lounge” mode with a beautifully suited up Maynard working those lovely vocal chords.  Bravo Maynard…

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