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Playing Catchup!

I’ve been quite busy the last few days, so have a few bits and pieces to post, none of which are amazingly exciting though.  At least it will clear my Inbox!  I may also get around to posting my Soundwave review which is sitting in my Drafts folder!

The most important one is that Alex Grey and his wife were involved in a serious car accident last week.  They both have a few injuries, but nothing life threatening at this stage.  Most details on this accident can be found as the COSM blog.

Tubbs sent me an email the other day with a link to a Lateralus Signed Vinyl action on Ebay.  Looks authentic and in good condition, so worth checking out for those interested in acquiring one of these increasingly hard to obtain collectables.

Oldesch came across a few Tool based Persona’s for the Firefox browser the other day.  Persona’s are basically their new name for themes.  Check them out:

If anyone else has any other Tool, APC, Puscifer, etc. themes for any medium that Fourtheye readers would enjoy, then feel free to send them to me.

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