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Maynard on Blood Into Wine

In a new interview with Artist Direct, Maynard discusses the Blood Into Wine movie, which is now available on DVD.  He talks about wine making, the movie, and a little about Puscifer.  No Tool news for those who are only interested in one thing (apart from sex):

It’s an inspiring film because audiences very rarely have the opportunity to see how intense the winemaking process is.
It’s been removed from our culture. Prohibition pretty much interrupted the whole appreciation. It’s odd. That was such a huge move. Prohibition, The Great Depression, World War I and II, there’s this thing that happened on our soil that removed a lot of that appreciation from the table for us, quite literally. Now, we’re catching up with it. There are all of these celebrity chefs and cooking shows. More wine is being appreciated by people and not to the point of indulgence. You don’t drive down the highway and see corkscrews and bottles along the side of the road; you see Budweiser cans. It’s not like it’s that kind of growth. There’s an appreciation for art and a consciousness that’s attached to it.

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12 years ago

Just on FaceBook now-
Blood Into Wine
“New giveaway details coming soon! Drawing for BIW one of a kind props from the movie.”
Cant wait to see whats happenning here!

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