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Maynard talks APC with AZ Central

Maynard has done a quick interview with Ed Masley from AZ Central in which he talks about the coming A Perfect Circle shows:

Q: I love the three-night stand idea. What inspired that approach?

A: Well, we’ve never actually played the "Emotive" album live, so we wanted to do all those songs and really dial them in so we could have a little pool of songs to draw from when we go out. If we go out. Also, James has never played them. And Matt McJunkins has never played any of them. So having these three nights, it’s more a get-to-know-you thing between the five of us, getting back out there and playing the songs together and seeing what energy works best.

Short, sharp and sweet.  Kinda like Maynard….

Thanks to John for the tip!

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12 years ago

Obviously A Perfect Circle are rehearsing, but it sounds like the eMOTIVe shows might be a bit experimental.

12 years ago

Obligatory Tool question successfully navigated.
No matter, Danny and Justin’s interviews of late have certainly shed enough light that maynard doesnt need to reiterate.

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